Friday, April 18, 2008

Mitsy of ArtMind

Another friend that I'll probably never meet in person is a personable, humorous fellow-Etsian named Mitsy (a/k/a ArtMind) from Belgium. I love it when I know the real name behind the user. Mitsy is the only "Mitsy" I know. Well, anyway...

I was looking for some drink coasters. I looked high and low over Etsy and couldn't find the perfect coaster just for me. There are many from which to choose, but nothing called to me, "Alice, I'm the one...." So I contacted one friend on Etsy who works with felt, but not the right kind -- "it would shrink," she said. And then I thought of ArtMind who makes beautiful felted necklaces, but didn't have any coasters in her shop. I am one to first buy from friends and I have been known to ask other sellers to make me something not offered in their shop because I want to buy something from them -- but that's another story.

Well, Mitsy took on the challenge and agreed to give it a go. What she came up with was perfect and I can't wait to get them.

Next on my list was to make something special in exchange. So Mitsy sent me some photos of work she completed for her fine arts degree. I was able to make a set of domino magnets and hope she likes them as much as I am sure to enjoy the coasters.


ArtMind said...

Alice, you gave me a great challenge and I already LOVE the magnets. My name is very unusual were I live too - a lot of people misread it and call me Misty or Musti - as long as they don't start to call me Mickey it's OK with me! :) Thanks for adding this to your blog. Looking forward to receiving your work. Thanks for your friendship & kindness! Happy weekend!

ixela said...

Great magnets!... I love Misty artwork and I love your creations too!

HB said...

hi alice,
thanks for sharing about your elusive cardinals... those domino magnets are terrific!
all my best,

acldesignscards said...

I love your work. Everything is wonderful, but the dominos are my favs! I tagged you for a meme on my blog--just wanted to let you know. You can check it out at