Monday, June 2, 2008


Does anyone own some of budanART's artwork (also known as Mandy). She creates some of the most beautiful abstract landscapes I have ever seen. I own a couple of prints for my wall, a couple of magnets for my fridge and some note cards to send to friends and families. My most favorite is...well, all of them, but I especially like the this rose.

I wish Mandy lived closer so I could visit and see all her original artwork.

Let's see. I have these two prints hanging on my living room wall --

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nilochlainn said...

I LOVE Mandy Budan's work! I have four of her prints, and I'm saving up for more. I've invited her down to Indiana whenever she wants to come to photograph for paintings, or paint, or sketch, the Hoosier National Forest. There is an amazing view from the old fire tower south of Bloomington. She is really well-loved by those I've interviewed for my street team's blog. To read, and to subscribe so that you can read my interview with her, go to

Glad to find a fellow fan!