Monday, August 4, 2008


I'm thinking I had a great dinner tonight. My husband came home with fresh vegetables from a roadside stand. The cherry tomatoes were sweet and juicy.

My soup was just thrown together. I usually need a recipe but I went out on a limb tonight and it turned out pretty well -- even my picky eater had some.

To top it off, I found a silly looking carrot in my bag of carrots. Looks just like a rabbit, don't you think?


GL&O said...

Mutant carrot!!!!!

twolefthands said...

Did you ever hear about the buck-toothed, carrot craving mom who gave birth to a kid with rabbit ears? It' true! Those tomatoes look so good'njuicy!

Waterrose said...

I think you should sell the rabbit on could make a fortune....did you say that you already ate one of the ears does that look like a chocolate rabbit????

ana carina said...

Ooohhh a bunny carrot!!!
How fun :D