Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Countdown Begins

Tuesday - 3 more days until the end of school for the kids! I am so excited because that gives me a much needed break. I'll give myself a couple of weeks off and then begin planning for next school year.

Perhaps next weekend we'll put up our pool. We usually do it over the Memorial Day weekend but were out hiking, biking, and parade watching so we never got around to it. This week is scheduled for some rain, so we'll wait until it's a little warmer.

It's never to cool to put up some treasuries featuring PHP or RAR, though. And I've got a few to share with you all. Without batting an eyelash was curated by mariasoleil. She picked some of my pinback buttons featuring birds. Lovely, lovely, lovely!!

Check out these wonderful paper creations by a fellow Michigander! Mariasoleil hits the feminine spot in me.

The Shady Yellow Family is not really of questionable merit (I hope), but I may need to find out from cthings just what she meant by that title. I love how my mini notebook fit right in with the rest of these shady characters!

Cindy has some beautiful jewelry in her shop. I love this watch and necklace!

The time is now was a beautiful treasury created by melfitz. These colors just warm my heart and soul. Thanks Fitzy for featuring PHP!!

I love the burgundy color in both of these pieces. I have so much fun looking through Mel's shop. I requst, no demand, that you go visit her shop as well! :-)

My First Thoughts when visiting this treasury were, "wow"!! and then, "where's my item"? I always enjoy looking at treasuries like this one by CocoaBeans because each piece contributes to the whole to make for a very eye-pleasing viewing.

CocoaBeans -- what does that mean to you? Chocolate; coffee and chocolate; chocolate, coffee and then more chocolate? Well to me it means some way cool soap and washclothes. Perfect fun in the shower with both of these items.

Still Frost in the Morning was created way back in the cooler days of Spring, but it sure looks hot here! I love each item in this treasury! Ureshii sure knows how to make an eclectic, fun list!!

Hello, lovely clothes! Always elegant in any of Amanda's clothes!!

Go vote: Hey I just found out that some of PHP's cufflinks are being featured in another voting contest on Etsy!! Please check out all the items and vote for your favorite!!


What a wonderful way to celebrate my 30th wedding anniversary!! All these past lovely treasuries and a nice feature on Etsy! Woo Hoo!!!!

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Cindy said...

What a gorgeous blog you have!! Thanks so much for featuring me your too kind. I love that burgundy!1 What great finds you found!! Oh, I'm off to vote. Thanks again!! Forgot to mention that you are not shady I just wanted a word that wasn't hue or tint so shady came up.