Wednesday, June 3, 2009

In Memory Of...

This posting is in memory of Beth's (junkyardgypsy) mom, who recently passed away. Beth has been away from for awhile, but I wanted to showcase her shop because she did make a treasury featuring PipingHotPapers and I've been waiting for her to reopen. I hope you have only sweet memories of your mom, Beth. I've been thinking and praying for you during this time of loss.

Beth has a so-weet shop of vintage finds! Check it out if you want to stroll down memory lane (if you're old enough to remember), or to taste a bit of history.


Flipflop Weather hit the spot for me -- just before summer hits full force. RedChair is known for her superb treasury making skills and this is no exception! Ha - I even got a screen shot in the midst of someone clicking on her items!

Heidi, oh Heidi. Look at that fool's gold necklace! You could've fooled me!


Green Grass Grows right along with that flip flop weather. Tinahdee sure made a beautiful summer inspired treasury!

Woah! These rings are wonderful and inticing and lovely and more!! You need to visit tinahdee's shop right now!!


I LOVE WHIMSICAL COLORS by ixela! I used to be full of whimsy, but I think it left me recently.

Ale creates the most gorgeous neck wraps, shrugs, etc. She also has a fun car necklace in her shop! If that ain't whimsical, I don't know what is!


These Make Me Smile -- and I truly did when I was included in this treasury by SarahJohnAfana! Trival Pursuit anyone?

My California Girl-friend is going to lull me to sleep with these very contemplative pieces of artwork!!

Hope you're feeling better Beth! Too bad we live so far apart - I would visit over a cup of coffee with you!


junkyardgypsy said...

Alice, what a sweetheart you are! Thanks so much for the very kind feature, and thoughts of my Mom. I think she would've liked you a lot :-)

And yes, I wish we could have that cup of coffee!

ixela said...

What a nice surprise dear Alice!... Thanks a lot... I really appreciate this lovely post!!!... you are sooooooooooooo kind :)))

a big hug

fringe said...

Alice, my heart just aches for Beth and her family. I hope that she will find some comfort in her memories and in knowing that her mom is no longer suffering. Sending lots of love and thoughts your way, Beth.