Friday, June 11, 2010

Artisans Gallery Team

"We are a juried team of artisans of distinction, vetted by peers for excellence in design, skill, presentation, integrity, and customer service. Our team will offer buyers an online experience akin to shopping in a gallery by creating a marketplace of high quality, exceptionally skilled artisans. As an international team, with volunteer translators, we are a network aligned to promote the goals of the Handmade Revolution, to connect and support each other across language and geographic barriers, and to recognize and encourage professional standards and unique artistic voices. We communicate through our newsletter, blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Etsy forum team thread." --Profile from the Artisans Gallery Team Blog

I feel so privileged to be a part of this team of wonderful artists! I know many of them and own some of their creations. Check out a few of the ones I've noticed below and dream about owning.

From all over the world the artistic work of many people could find its way into your home!


paula said...

saw your blog post on the artisan blog :) had to notice that title right???
thank you for this post and i am surprised and happy to be included amongst things you desire one etsy!
thanks so much, paula

Michelle said...

Wonderful feature and
I am so glade you are
part of the Team!!!