Friday, July 30, 2010

Further West

One of my daughter's favorite parts to our trip out west was visiting a wild horse reserve. I think they said there were 650 wild horses. We took a bus tour and stopped with a herd of about 100 horses. The tour guide said there are many herds, but this was one of the largest. Before we took the tour, my daughter said her one dream was for a horse to approach her -- it happened and she was very excited.

It was a beautiful site - at least 100 horses together
I think the horse wants its picture taken
My daughter's wish came true. 
Horses stand like this so they can see an
"enemy" coming from every direction.


Judy said...

Your photo's are beautiful, I am in awe over these beautiful animals. I hope some day to see some wild horses running free. Thanks for sharing.

Waterrose said...

We saw herds of wild horses as we drove to and from Colorado. I'm always amazed when I see beautiful!