Thursday, October 28, 2010

Etsy Teams

It is amazing how a group of strangers can quickly form a team around a theme, idea, or common goal. That's what Teams are all about on Etsy. Some Teams require a low level of participation while others expect commitment and participation. I'm involved in both types of Teams and each have goals and missions which work well for me.

TeamT International is a treasury team on Etsy which includes Etsy sellers around the globe. Many of us have not only formed a bond because we love to make treasuries and feature team members and new and beautiful shops in our treasuries, but we also have a like-minded sense of what is pleasing to the eye and have found our niche in promoting on Etsy. What is also a great by-product from this group of sellers is so many of us have formed lasting friendships because of the community we have built on this team. We have a camaraderie amongst the group where we strive to remain positive and supportive even in the midst of negativity all around us. I am so proud to be a member of this team and a co-leader with Jenny of jennyndesign.

Another Team I am involved with is the Beyond Bridal Team. We are a team of artisans and vintage enthusiasts who create and search out unique pieces that turn an ordinary wedding into something special. This has been a great team and has a wonderful team leader in Analisa of JarosDesigns.

So, if you are new to Etsy or have been around for awhile, consider becoming a part of an established Team or even creating your own Team with others just like you!! You'll enjoy creating friendships and you won't feel so alone in the creation of your unique items to offer to buyers around the world.


Sarah John Afana said...

YAY Teams!

Etsy wouldn't be the same without the fabulousness that is TeamT International!

jenny said...

Alice, you make leading TeamT International so much fun, and a daily learning experience. I'm so glad we met! :)

Waterrose said...

Wonderful post....and I soooo agree!