Saturday, June 14, 2008

Iron Chef America

Does anyone watch Iron Chef America? I like to and enjoy all the running around by the chefs to create 4-5 dishes in an hour using at least one ingredient that's called the "Secrety Ingredient." I've made a treasury with this idea and it was fun.

One of the Iron Chef's owns a home in the small town where I once lived. Mario Batelli has been known to show up at Northport's Music in the Park on Friday evening. We've never been there when he has, but my mom claims she's seen him.

My daughter sent a picture of herself telling the story about not seeing him in Northport and he was kind enough to send an autographed picture of himself. She was thrilled.

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Waterrose said...

That was a great treasury. I haven't watched Iron Chefs...I don't know why, since I love all of the other cooking competition shows.