Friday, January 30, 2009


Doug, my hubby, is currently in Venezuela finishing up a job with the company with which he's contracted. Before he left, I suggested he get a Facebook account so we could "chat" together. You see, his company will only pay for 15 minutes a day to make an international call home. I thought if we could chat we would catch up on things throughout the day when he had a slow time at work.

Hey, isn't he cute?? Well, anyway, my daughter came running to me and said "Dad set up a Facebook." I didn't believe her until I saw that he had added me as a "friend." Isn't that sweet? We were able to chat for a little bit until he told me that his work computer was asking for permission to accept each chat I sent him. Too cumbersome he said. Well, maybe he'll find a solution within Facebook to erase that warning window.

Until that problem is resolved I'm going to revert back to my Etsy feature time. I think JudyRuth would be an interesting person to get to know better. "Why?" you may ask. One reason is that JudyRuth is not her real name; it's Karen. Hey, Karen, did you ever tell me the significance of your Etsy username? I mean, my name is Alice and everyone knows it by my username. I would've thought your name was Judy or Ruth or Judy Ruth, but nooooo, you wanted to be difficult.

Second, if Karen didn't live in Georgia, but in Michigan as my next door neighbor, I would invite her over to teach my kids the craft she sells online. I think I may refer to Karen as the bean lady. Look at these gorgeous works of art!!

And I KNOW there's more to it than gluing dried beans to a piece of paper.

Do you like coffee Karen, JudyRuth? Maybe you could come visit some day!! Bring the beans and the glue!!

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