Thursday, January 29, 2009

And Yet Another Day

The snow is still falling, the roads are still hazardous, the kids are still in my home but have not gone stir crazy yet because the boys pooled their money and bought a Wii. My 11 year old makes sure the other two know that he put in the most money. It's obvious (to him) that he "owns" more of it. My daughter is required to ask permission anytime she wants to use it because she's saving her money to go toward horse riding lessons. Me? I play whenever I want and I'm not asking permission. Oh, no...the Wii is set up in MY basement in MY house and I (and hubby) pay the heating and lighting bills, and mortgage and I make lunch and dinner for them just about every day. I think that's a good enough reason to play it whenever I want.

So, when I'm not being the *happy* homemaker I like visiting the shops of the many Etsy people I like and sometimes they visit my shop! That's always fun, too. I like to browse and sometimes buy. I also like to put in different things for all the treasuries I make. I'm not much of a jewelry person, but when the photos are beautiful I keep telling myself that maybe I should start wearing jewelry. Take this for instance:

1. RedChair - what I like about this is it's such a unique view of a necklace. So interesting -- I bet it would look great on me - the person who doesn't wear jewelry. But it would also look gorgeous in a treasury. I love the gray background with the red. I wish I could take pictures like this. Would someone come over to my house and teach me and set up my light box so it works????

2. Dorijenn -- I "met" Dorijenn in the forums one day (I think) and I first put her in one of my treasuries because she was using a checkerboard background for one of her pieces and that fit real well with my theme. Dorijenn is from Israel and I don't know her very well, but I will always remember that checkerboard!!

3. duckduckGoosestuff -- I've always loved the username of this jewelry designer from the UK. Don't you remember that little kids love to play this game??!! It's also great discovering people with a wonderful sense of humor. I remember when I first started visiting Sophie's treasuries; she always put a monster in each one, no matter what the theme. Funny, funny Sophie!

In fact, Sophie bought some of my mini notecards when I used to make them and also included them in a treasury which she submitted for a contest we had so long ago. She was one of the people picked!!

I would really like to own a ring made by duckduckGoosestuff and just might start wearing more than my wedding band sometime soon (size 8 please)!

So another day has gone by and I've added yet another post. Everyone should be proud of me! I know I am!!


Carol Dean said...

I know I'm proud of you, Alice :D I think it's fantastic that you're showing us these great shops (tho' my husband may think otherwise if I start dipping into my PayPal account because of it).

As to the Wii...would you send your boys down here to hook mine up? LOL It and the Wii fit have been sitting in their boxes for weeks now, waiting for me to make room in the living room so that we can actually use the darn things. Pathetic.

RunAliceRun said...

If you want to make sure the Wii Fit still works, send it to me. I'm thinking of buying that for myself one of these days. :-)

Carol Dean said...

ha! :)

sophie said...

I am proud of you, too ;)
not to mention grateful (and flattered!). I like that ring, it's one of my favourites. You are a lady of excellent taste...
hey. I foun some monsters for a treasury today and thought of you ;)