Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Who decided that internet language needed to be abbreviated? I mean, come on!! It doesn't take that much more effort to write the entire word out. I can understand if someone is on their iphone or Blackberry and sending an instant message. Those keypads are too tiny to be of much use. But I think all people should learn to type with all 10 of fingers and get up to 90 words per minute! It takes me more time to figure out the abbreviation than it does to type the word. But I won't hold it against anyone who types that way. Although I may need to ask what something means!

Sometimes I run out of words to describe something that is really neat! See? I can't even use descriptive words descriptively. A long time ago, I had one of these creations in my "favorites" section on Etsy. My daughter was astute enough to buy it for me for Christmas or my birthday. But since then I've gotten to know Carol Dean hailing from New Mexico and love to browse through her store to see her new creations. Her pieces make the best treasuries plus as an added bonus she either blogs about what treasuries she's in and includes a link to the curator's shop or she'll post the treasury on her flickr account.
Whenever I need a boost of love I just include one of SandFiber's beaded art in a treasury.


Carol Dean said...

I'm feeling the love, Alice, and thanking you for it :D You are so dear to think of me today!

And I always (at least try to) put the treasuries on flickr AND on the blog (once a week).

RunAliceRun said...

Woah, that's even double the love than I thought you were giving -- blog AND flickr! :-)