Sunday, February 8, 2009

Tired and needing a boost to my spirit!

Do you ever get tired? Wish you had more time? Hate cleaning? Why can't I have a housekeeper like everyone else in the whole world? Wait, that's what the kids are for! Yes to everything, but things don't change very often. I guess I need to do something that will make life more exciting and full. Ummm, I think I will go to bed and sleep on it.

Next day: no news about how to make life more exciting. But I will say that one person on Etsy who seems to have an exciting life is Monicaj. We even share the same last name, so
Monicaj could be my sister-in-law, but she's not. :-( I wonder if our husband's are related. My husband's family is from Sweden.

Monica is so sweet, with a great sense of humor and a talent for creating the most extreme treasuries. I always feel privileged when included in one of Monica's treasuries because then there's a good chance (at least a 1 out of 700 chance) of getting on the front page! Saaaweeeeeet!!

When I visit Monica's shop there is always something new. It looks like she has been crocheting more. I love the look of this bracelet and even the button is so unique. Monica says in her shop that the button is from IllyriaPottery's shop.

Monica also creates beautiful artwork!! I've even made promotional button magnets which include this piece. Monica has a second shop which sells her jewelry.

It look like she keeps very busy with her family and businesses and treasury making. I think Monica would add spice to my life if we lived closer to each other. I would love to visit and just shoot the breeze with a coffee or coke!

And before I end this post, I just wanted to share the excitement I experienced today. Last minute shopping for Valentine's Day from someone in New York. She asked for some cufflinks with images of a Peregrine Falcon. What good fortune I had when I found two very similar images and I'll be able to get them done and hopefully delivered into her hands by Friday.


nanouke said...

Oh Alice, I know what you mean! I've been so tired lately..

I love MonicaJ's shop, it's so clean and pretty!

Waterrose said...

Great post about Monika! I think you are seems that she would be an interesting friend. We have a new set of Peregrine falcons in our neighborhood...I just spotted them last week. I haven't been abel to get a picture yet though!

Erin said...

Those cufflinks are tough. I wish I coulda had those birds of prey with me in a few meetings . . .