Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Clean Room

My husband and I are having troubles with our 13 year old daughter. I've been through these issues before (I have a 26 year old), but I guess I didn't learn anything from that experience. Here's the situation - she claims her room is her personal space and she can keep it as neat or cluttered as she wants. Hello, child, but I can't see the floor! Her dad didn't like that attitude last night and has now given her a writing assignment for school today (we homeschool so we can do that). I told her she should start paying rent for her room if she wants to keep it that messy. Any suggestions?

That's why I come to the treasuries so often. Everything is nice, neat and in it's proper place. Take a look at a few treasuries that included items from PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun!

This was very delightful to my eyes and spirit. I think Olaladesign outdid herself with this gorgeous treasury!

Olaladesign has some very creative jewelry pieces in her shop. Everything is nice, neat and in it's place!

it is what it is was a treasury featuring some magnets from RunAliceRun. I think it is what it is was very neat and orderly. Thanks CocoaBeans for featuring me. I felt the love and pat on my back for the rough times I've been going through with messy rooms and such.

I love the colors CocoaBeans uses in all her crocheted items. Bright, fun, clean, neat, not messy!

Kodomo is cute, Kodomo is fun, Kodomo's treasury made it to the front page! Yippee!!

Don't you just love the fabric on this cat? I just want to squeeze it to death! Cute cat Kodomo!! (I love the donut, too!)

I know I'll get over being irritated with "you know who." All these Etsy sellers have helped tremendously on this rainy day in Michigan! Thanks, ladies!!!


Sarah John Afana said...

I love the way you feature a couple of listings from your Treasury friends. So generous-and I think I found you or ...did you find me?

Juste said...

Ach, teenagers, it is always problems with them:) i have 14 years sister, my parents also don't know how to talk to her that in the home would be peace. Then i was her age, i was calm and peaceful.
The treasures and works are very cute and nice, i love the last brooch:)