Sunday, April 26, 2009

A nice Sunday it turned out to be! We've had rain, sun, thunderstorms, sun, rain and sun all weekend.

I love storms with the thunder and lightning and this weekend was fun because my family (husband and 3 kids) went out biking yesterday with a sunny blue sky. We packed up the bikes and traveled about 20 minutes to a local park with many miles of bike trails. Off we went and about 15 minutes into our riding the tornado warning system started. A loud blast could be heard for miles around. So, we did what we were supposed to do (but not right away). Instead of playing at the park, we turned around and headed back to the van. Doug always travels ahead with 2 of the kids while Kyle and I take our time. Actually, Kyle is the slowpoke and I just stay behind to keep him company. But this time, I had to push him along quickly because I saw the clouds coming -- dark stormy clouds. We were about 100 feet from the van when the torrential rain started. We got soaked!! You could wring our clothes out they were so wet. But it was fun!!!

The clouds looked a little bit like the scene you see below in the treasury curated by Melfitz. Fitzy (as I like to call her), created a beautiful treasury which included some of my matchbook notepads. Cool and chocolaty with a little mint thrown in!! This wonderful treasury made it to the front page of Etsy. Great feelings of comfort came to me that special day!

Mel (Fitzy) is a knitter. I used to knit. Now I look at everyone else who knits and just dream. I started knitting when I was very young; maybe 10 or so! How long have you been knitting Mel?

Complementary is a gorgeous treasury which featured magnets from RunAliceRun. It was curated by corrieberrypie and had a super color combination. My owl fit right in -- Hot in Hawaii!!

Corrieberrypie creates some beautiful jewelry and also this wonderful looking Blue Flower Wrap.

Sisply made a treasury entitled Welcome which also made it to the front page of Etsy! Woo Hoo! I always feel special when one of my items make it to the front page! Thanks so much!!

I love the images in Sisply's shop. Birds always appeal to me and I wish we had more variety in our backyard. But the city accommodates only so many varieties. I'll enjoy bird watching right here!

Etsy is addicting and treasury making is addicting. I so enjoy viewing all the treasuries created by such wonderful people on Etsy. Thanks, ladies, for making me feel so special in the world of Etsy!!


twolefthands said...

What an exciting and memory making day you had!

piddix said...

I love the gold background. These look great and very elegant/night out.