Friday, April 24, 2009

Of love and life...or life and love...or spring and summer

The perfect day to enjoy spring has finally arrived, but I first want to show some warmth to those curators making fabulous treasuries and including something special from my shop! Sometimes I think the Etsy treasuries are better than any window shopping I could do in real life. Thanks so much to the 3 featured sellers here. Please take a moment to enjoy each of their shops!

Blinding Sunshine by RedChair totally brightened up my day when I first visited this treasury. And every time after that, too!

Heidi of RedChair is so stylish and elegant, both in her treasuries and in the photos from her shop. I think I would feel absolutely frumpy if I hung around with Heidi too long in real life because I bet she is just as stylish and elegant. And me? I'm just a jeans kind of girl!

Chocolate and a party...that's what I felt when I visited this wonderful treasury by DawnCorrespondence.

I think of
DawnCorrespondence's shop as fresh and summery when I see notecards like these!

I love, love, love, this treasury by UnaOdd.

Lynn of UnaOdd is totally creative! I want so many things, but being a jeans girl I don't usually wear jewelry. Perhaps I should remedy that.

Once again the friendship Etsy sellers share is one of a kind as are many of these pieces I've shared with you. Enjoy your weekend and enjoy life!


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

XO Alice! Always a pleasure to feature you my friend! :^) Thank you for the kind feature. I hope you have a great weekend!

PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun said...

Thanks, Lynn! Hope you have great days ahead, too!