Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the Court of the Blue Queen

Yes, it's true...the blue queen has arrived in the form of this gorgeous treasury curated by UnaOdd. There are 3 reasons I love this treasury - (1) it features me, (2) it doesn't have any clothes in it, and (3) it's simply gorgeous!!

Now for a taste of what UnaOdd offers in her shop:

Another treasury in which PipingHotPapers is featured is curated by Sigmosaics. I love this shop and I love this treasury!!(P.S. - it's okay that there are clothes in it -- I still love it)!

Sigmosaics is from Portugal and that's special because anyone from another country intrigues me! Look at some of these gorgeous pieces!

I would like to thank Carol Dean of SandFibers for the idea of posting treasuries and corresponding items from the curator's shop. I always feel special when she does that for me!


Sigmosaics said...

oh that is superb!! Thank you so much for featuring my treasury and shop!!

Hugs .. Kerrin XXX
p.s I Live in Portugal and i'm actually a New Zealander :-)

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Thank you Alice! What a lovely surprise! I'm glad you like the treasury.:^)

And I'm so glad I've found your blog!

RedChair said...

Alice, blogging must come naturally to you -- I really love reading yours! You crack me up thinking I'm stylish and elegant, although I tend to do it up big in the necklace, bracelet or earring department! A few weeks ago, reading Kateri Morton's blog, I came across a posting where she said about herself, "I favor jeans, boots and long sweaters, and usually resemble a sort of perky longshoreman in disproportionately fancy earrings." That sums me up, too, if you swap out the boots for flipflops. ;) Thank you, Alice, for including me in your gorgeous, fun blog! -Heidi