Thursday, April 16, 2009

Citrus Bliss...Stormy Citrus

I love oranges and grapefuit -- they don't always love me.
I love the smell, the fragrance and the look of a juicy ripe orange...

Today I want to show you some citrus-y good looking treasuries; both using citrus in their titles, both featuring PHP (PipingHotPapers). My appreciation knows no bounds and I in turn love to feature those sellers who have featured me.

thejunebride - ever wonder how a username is chosen? What made Karen choose such a romantic name? I'll need to find out one of these days, or perhaps I'll just speculate for awhile longer.

I'm blissfully happy to be included in this gorgeous "citrus.bliss" treasury. My matchbook notepads fit right in with the theme. Perhaps I'll rename them "Lucious Lime" rather than "Kiwi Green." Either way, I thank you Karen, for surprising me with this inclusion!

Check out some of Karen's top of the line wonders:

Melfitz is another Etsy shop who gets my attention today. Her "stormy citrus" title drew me right in (along with the gold star). It amazes me how these treasuries look so so so beautiful and I am always honored to be included in them by some amazing curators. They are just eye candy for my soul!

Melissa is a very talented lady (if I may say so)!

Trivia for the day: thejunebride, melfitz, and PipingHotPapers all reside in Michigan. I say that makes for some amazing crafters/artists/women!

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