Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sunny with a chance of fun!

Today is a day to say "thank you" to the many Etsy curators featuring PipingHotPapers in their treasuries. This is also to give you a taste of these ladies' shops and the cool things they sell. These women are very creative and great treasures among those of us who create. One doesn't need to be a celebrity to be worthy of celebration!

Ladies, a great big thank you to the wonderful treasuries you consistently create (with or without my two shops)!

CocoaBeans has taken a mirror from my PHP shop and created a lovely
red sand dune treasury. I want to kiss this treasury!!

I have not personally met CocoaBeans, but she has a lovely shop with soap and scrubbies. So tempting -- so inviting. I'm going over there right now to do some more browsing!

woodsmoke at dawn made it to the front page of Etsy in the wee hours of the morning. But I don't care when it shows up -- I just love it when it hits the front page. This luscious treasury was curated by ureshii.

I love the clothes in ureshii's shop. I think I might look good in something like this top and pants.

Sumikoshop curated this treasury that made it to the front page and I also was able to get a screen shot. See those words "Handpicked items"? Well, that PROVES my matchbook notepads were on the front page. Thanks Sumikoshop!!

Ice cream or tea? Tea or ice cream? Ummm.....both please! Visit Sumikoshop for more fun and funky jewelry!

The World in Bloom really looked lovely on the front page -- yes front page again!! I tell you, I think PHP was featured 4 times that day on the front page. This happens only once in a blue moon or one time out of every million treasuries! I was feeling the love that day. Thanks CurlyGirlCrochet for this lovely treasury and the super duper feature you gave my post it note holder!

Such a wide variety of food in Jodie's shop! What? Food that's been crocheted? NO WAY! Yes, Way! The Sushi Scarf and the Fortune Cookie cat toys! Forget about the cat, don't you think these would be great play items for the kids in your family?

Another day another fun way to say "thank you" to the wonderful ladies on Etsy!!


Carol Dean said...

What a great week for you! Congratulations, Alice! :D

*Evelyn* said...

oh wow ... thanks for featured my shop!
you're very lucky, two times in front page the same day ....
I do not go in front page, from December ....
I am not very lucky in that sense ...
Have a nice weekend


twolefthands said...

Congratulations on your front page features! These curators have lovely shops!