Monday, April 20, 2009

When It's Raining Outside Enjoy the Treasuries!

I've been enjoying the coming spring weather this past weekend. Saturday was spent with the family riding bikes and soaking up the sun (along with the rest of the population wanting to get outside instead of being cooped up in the house). Sunday was spent discovering new items from my favorite collage artist -- but that's for another post.

Some of the treasuries PHP has been featured in remind me so much of spring that I just want to stay in these treasuries and enjoy the colors and feelings of new beginnings.
Over the Rainbow by TwoLeftHands is no exception to the color splash! I think my mirror fit right in...

Liz never ceases to amaze me in the creations I see in her shop. She has been around just about as long as me. In fact, she celebrated her 2nd year on Etsy just last week! Congratulations, Liz! Are we done having fun yet?

There's another seller on Etsy that reminds me a lot of Liz -- and that's humblebea. Wait, Natalie is Liz's daughter! No wonder they both make me laugh all the time. I bet if these two are together for any length of time they have the entire room rolling on the floor. Well, maybe not the entire room, but everybody in the room!

Natalie made a beautiful treasury which eventually was featured on the front page of Etsy. I think I received a record number of shop hearts and item hearts during the hour it was on the front page. Thanks for the love, Natalie.

Check out humblebea's shop for some cute baby outfits and just as cute papier mache creations!

Monicaj made a
sure thing when this hit the list of treasuries. The green is just screaming for spring and my matchbook notepads feel right at home. I think if Monica ever came to Michigan, Liz, Natalie and I would make an extra effort to hunt her down and have a great time together.

Check out Monica's store for some great original art and crocheted goodness. Also visit Monica's other shop - Monicajtwo - for beautiful jewelry!

Life is good - enjoy it to the fullest!


Anonymous said...

Alice, thank you so much~ you are always so good to me! I have to say, the idea of Monicaj, you, my Mom, and I all together sounds like a dream and I hope that one day it comes true!

Enjoy your Monday, it's nice and rainy here! (-:

twolefthands said...

Wow, those are some BEAUTIFUL lists you are featured in! Sheesh Alice, thanks for the feature, you are making me blush! It's great to be in the same place as Natalie and Monicaj!