Monday, May 18, 2009

Make My Monday

Hello, my Monday Mates!

I've had a busy weekend, but that never stops me from revisiting treasuries which have featured RunAliceRun or PipingHotPapers. Beauty in Brown was created by MoonOverMaize. She curated a beautiful treasury!!

I love the look of the jewelry in MoonOverMaize's shop. These would be great gifts for anyone in your life -- or just keep it for yourself. The necklace is perfect for any bride!!

MulberryMoose had a fun and fabulous treasury and included some of my magnets! Very colorful and fab!

This peacock by MulberryMoose would sure look cute on a shelf in your living room!

I'm waiting expectantly for a shirt to arrive in the mail from Xenotees. Then I'll be as happy as a clam in high water. Wait, are clams really that happy in high water?

Noelle -- you always cut me up with your jokes! I think those kids agree with me!

Liz of twolefthands hit the bulls eye with this treasury. Perfect pieces to demonstrate a mark right on the spot!

I found this surprise picture in Liz's shop. Isn't she a cute model!?!

Well, my Monday Mates, sorry for such a short post -- I don't have any funny words in me today. What's for dinner? Please invite me over!


Monica said...

You are so kind! Thanks so much and I'm happy to have found your blog which looks to be loaded with fabulous Etsy finds :)

Meg Sylvia said...

My pleasure, your shop is lovely! And nice blog, too, it's great for some etsy finds!

twolefthands said...

You bugger, bad enough looking at myself in VickDiane's treasury! Thanks Alice, you are the best!