Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

Did you ever read Wacky Wednesday to your kids when they were growing up? It was great fun trying to find all the things that didn't belong in each picture. It was a short but time consuming book. My kids loved it!

The treasuries are kind of like that too. I go visit a list and am amazed that my one item that really shouldn't be there, does in fact, look pretty cool. I think it's the ability of these treasury curators to make any thing look great.

I really love the color scheme of this treasury curated by budanART. Mandy has such a wonderful eye for color! You can see it in each of her abstract landscapes. I always enjoy visiting Mandy's shop and browsing through her store. One of my desires is to buy an original -- I don't think it will ever happen, but I do like dreaming.

Even though an original is out of my price range, I have purchased many of Mandy's prints. Two hang on my wall and her greeting cards are super lovely!! Oh, and I have a couple of magnets, too!

Just as bold in a muted way, is the treasury made by RedChair. Heidi (my yodeling friend - not really, but her name fits the bill) - creates the most gorgeous treasuries. She can take one of my mirrors -- full of bones -- and slip it right in amongst all the other gorgeousness.

Heidi's shop is full of wonderfully creative jewelry. I can tell she loves color and creates necklaces and earrings even I would enjoy wearing! I'm sure I wouldn't even look wacky in one of the pieces I've highlighted below.

TheBrickKiln decided they love PHP alot!! Two treasuries! Woo Hoo. Karen and Cassie (a mother daughter team), make the greatest treasuries -- at least I think they're great when PHP is included. Okay, okay, they are great no matter who is included in their treasury.

Get ready for Father's Day right now by visiting TheBrickKiln's shop. Their pottery is wonderful! Every dad would sure love a piece with all his kids' names on it.

I bought a spoon holder for my daughter for her new house, but she decided to use it as a ring dish instead. The versatility of these pieces is amazing. They can be used for anything! You name it, you can use it. :-)

Yalp by Sigmosaics was a play on Lucas' domino magnet. I don't care -- I thought it was great. And Lucas loved to be featured in this wonderful treasury.

These mini vases are the cutest and I know I'm going to buy one of the eggs/ornaments for my next Christmas tree. Thanks, Kerrin, for the color feast in your shop!

My Wacky Wednesday ended up being a wonderful time visiting the shops of the creative and talented Etsy sellers/treasury curators. Take a moment and buy handmade for your next gift giving opportunity!


Mandy said...

Ooh Wacky Wednesday was my favourite! (Oh I mean my kids favourite - lol.) There was just something about that shoe on the wall.

Thanks for including me in this post - it's great to see some of the other cool shops and the treasuries they make. (Sometimes it's hard to see all the treasuries when they're live.)

Sigmosaics said...

anyone ever tell you, you are a honey Alice? i'm sure i'm not the first.

wacky wednesday .. i didn't have that in lil' ole NZ when I grew up .. bit behind the times then.

Adore the treasuries and the shops (mmmh nice work!!) .. fun and I always try to get around to seeing as many as I can.

oh and thank you for including me here too!!

Carol Dean said...

Fantastic treasuries and you've really done well with your selections from the curators' shops. Just a beautiful post all 'round. :D