Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Madness

I am mad - well at least earlier today I was. Each of my kids had a meltdown when it was time to do math. What's with math and kids and Mondays? Why can't it be a subject they know they need and that if they only "love" it they would be so happy!

Fortunately, their meltdowns lasted a short time and my madness disappeared. Now I'm happy and enjoying the time I can spend on my blog to feature some of the Etysians who have featured either PipingHotPapers or RunAliceRun in their gorgeous treasuries.

Yukabyguliz is from Istanbul. I've never been there but I bet it's a beautiful place to visit. How do you like living there??? Is it as desirable as this treasury you made by the same name???

I was amazed by the jewelry in Yukabyguliz's shop. So beautiful and unique. I bet math is involved to some degree when these pieces were created!

A Charmed Life was how I felt when stylinstuff featured PHP in this treasury! Beautiful curation and wonderful picks made this a very cool treasury. Look, there's another math idea: 3 across and 4 down equals 12 boxes of beautiful Etsy bonza (that's Aussie for "cool").

Stylinstuff is from Fort Worth, Texas. I lived in Dallas for 5 years and know that the earth is beautiful down there -- just like these "earthy" pieces of jewelry! I count 13 square ceramic beads on that necklace (more math). I need to get my kids over here.

What a creative theme photographybyjenna had when she put together this Do You Have a Light treasury. Some real and some fake matchbooks. Mine are fake, but they work great as wedding favors.

I am so ready for summer and walks on the beach at my mom's home in the upper part of Michigan. And I wonder what kind of pod that is below the footprint. Perhaps Jenna will visit this blog and let me know... (Did you notice there was only one footprint? Where's the other one? Was this just a one-legged person? One - One = Zero.

Green Spring...Blue Sky by aflutter did a wonderful job creating a mood of springtime freshness. Did you know spring is one of four seasons in Michigan? See, another math concept. What if there were 6 seasons? What would we do then??

Great photography and whimsical and unique jewelry make up aflutter's shop. I love this quote from her shop announcement: "My new line is all about spontaneity and serendipity and I'm having a blast creating it so pull up a chair and get cozy! Let's have some fun." I agree, fun can be seen all throughout this cool store.

Another Monday has come and gone, but these treasuries and the accompanying items will stay here for a long time to come. Thanks, everyone, for your wonderful treasury creating abilities and for giving me a little joy in being featured!!


StylinStuff said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the feature here!! I am indeed humbled!

yuka said...

Thank you so much!!Very kind of you:))I am very happy to be here on your blog...Your work is awesome!Be my guest in Istanbul,you gonna love it!