Saturday, May 2, 2009


As I was looking through the shops I was planning to feature this weekend, I noticed something very special. Each of them is having a sale of some sort. You'll find out shortly what their sweet Saturday deals are...

But first, I've been feeling quite sweet lately. I've started taking a variety of vitamins, HRT (natural, of course) and other general good-for-you pills and it's amazing how more relaxed I feel. It couldn't be that I'm celebrating a birthday on Sunday just because it's a turn-of-the-(half)century kind of birthday and I've heard others struggle during this particular age of their life. I'm okay with it.

I'm also having a birthday sale this weekend in both my shops: PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun - 15% off all merchandise if you only put "Happy Birthday" in the "notes to seller" section of your invoice. I may even run it through May!

I also think you should check out this shop -- Sigmosaics -- Kerrin is offering free shipping on all her magnets -- and that's a sweet deal because Kerrin lives in Portugal! But first I want to say "thank you" Kerrin for the down the yellow brick road treasury you created with one of my mini notebooks included! xoxoxoxo

I love Kerrin's mosaics. Clean, crisp lines appeal to me in all areas of my life. I wish I was more clean and crisp in my homemaking skills!

PS I don't know why this paragraph is underlined. If someone can tell me how to turn it off I'd appreciate it!

Anakim curated a beautiful treasury featuring some new mirrors I've just begun offering in my shop. Some of you may know I'm not a "pink" kind of girl, but the more I see pink being used, the more that color grows on me. Thanks, Orna, for making my sweet pink item look gorgeous!!

Anakim is having a sale celebrating her 1st year on Etsy. Check out her shop to see her sweet deals!!

Happy Thursday was a happy day for me when pixiepaper decided to include some magnets from RunAliceRun. Woo hoo!! Theresa is such a sweetie!

Pixiepaper has many sweet deals in her Spring Cleaning Sale! Check her out -- well, check out her shop. I don't think there are any personal pictures in her shop so you won't be able to check "her" out! :-) Theresa - do you like my "thank you" I sent you via this blog? I even used one of your own cards!!

Sweet Saturday Sales - Do me a favor and be sweet to somebody this weekend!!


Sigmosaics said...

I'm still giggling from the read .. i'm loving how you do a write up .. sorry i have no idea how to get rid of the 'underscore'.

Happy happy happy birthday for sunday!! I'm certain you'll have a super day with your family :D

This is an incredibly sweet feature for myself, Anakim and Pixie .. thank you so much Alice. I get all humbled when someone does this, truly though, it's really appreciated.

People .. don't forget to check out BOTH of Alice's shops for some awesome deals!!

Thanks for being YOU Alice.

anakim said...

Happy birthday dear Alice, life is just beginning! Thanks so much for featuring me in your super blog.
I'm honored and grateful!