Monday, June 8, 2009


I've been having fun using props in my shop. I know I could be more creative, but right now I'm into rocks and Legos.


What makes a good picture? That's always debatable, but having great pictures is really what sells items on Etsy. Not only were these treasuries made with wonderful photography, but the items in each seller's shop uses great photography and/or props.

Monicaj curated this beautiful treasury with PHP included.

Oh Monica, oh monica, you create some fabulous "things" in your shop!


GreenPost is another seller with great taste! Really -- go look for yourself. It shows in her treasuries, too.

Wow -- amazing photography! Thanks for the inspiration, Greenpost!


I'll never forget you, Stylinstuff! Beautiful treasury!

I love your props!! So cute! Stylinstuff made me smile today!


Two beautiful colors made for a gorgeous treasury. Sometimes, I think treasuries should be shown again because of their creativity! Thanks, RedChair, for the love!

Some things don't need props - or they look good with or without them. Such is the case with these necklaces by RedChair!


It's never time to stop shopping, pixiepaper!!

New picture frames are in pixiepaper's shop! I wonder if there's one just for the man. I'm sure it would be a great Father's Day gift, hint, hint!


Kendra Zvonik said...

Thank you so much for this kindness and gratitude. I really appreciate knowing that you respect my work- including my treasuries! Sometimes it is so hard to know if I'm doing a good job when I rarely make the front page. So, this gesture means a lot to me. Thank you :) Kendra

PipingHotPapers and RunAliceRun said...

I know what you mean, Kendra!! My treasuries are rarely on the front page and I want to shake those Admins every now and then when they've missed out on some of the treasuries I so admire (yours included)!

Sigmosaics said...

another round of gorgeous treasuries Alice .. and lovely features.

I think your use of lego in your photography is really cool fun! It's nice to see different 'arty' ways people make their creations stand out from the rest. Well done!

Waterrose said...

I have been noticing your little props...and smile whenever I discover something new.