Tuesday, July 14, 2009

More People I Would Like to Meet in Real Life

Corinna of Piddix is one busy computer lady. I hesitated putting Corinna here because I didn't want to give my source away for all my collage sheets.

photo courtesy of Piddix's Flickr

Hi Cassie and Karen of thebrickkiln -- you're killing me!!

photo courtesy of thebrickkiln's blog

Sarah of SarahJohnAfana getting married in Hawaii!

photo courtesy of Sarah -- she sent this one to me! :-)

Cindy of cindyg has been a friend forever (well at least a couple of years, but in Etsy time that is forever!). We don't talk much anymore because her baby girl (who is over one year old now) takes up a lot of her time.

photo courtesy of Cindy -- she sent it to me a loooooong time ago!

Pegg of fiveforty decided to step out of the picture. Were you ever there Pegg??

picture courtesy of Pegg's blog (at least that's where I think I found it).


Pegg said...

Can't you see me there Alice, I am all over that photo! Thank you!!
Wonderful series, so nice to put a face to the name, I love it!

Sarah John Afana said...

Such a funny Alice-someday....

piddix said...

What a fun list of folks and photos. Great idea. You're always welcome in Portland, Alice.