Saturday, July 18, 2009

People I Would Like to Meet in Real Life - Part 3

Monica of Monicaj -- I assume this is her finger -- now I need to find the rest of her!

photo courtesy of Monica's Etsy shop

I know this is Noelle of Xenotees. Cool glasses!

photo courtesy of Xenotee's Flickr page

Ale of ixela is shy. I cannot find a picture with her eyes! But I would still like to meet you!!

photo courtesy of Ale's blog

Rose of waterrose is really hiding out in her new camper!! Really cool, Rose. Now give us a peek!

photo courtesy of Rose's blog.


ixela said...

oh dear... I would be so happy to meet you in my real life too!... you are one of the kindest person I ever met on the web and I'm so honoured to be in this lovely list :))) xoxoxo

Waterrose said... are wonderful! It would be so nice to sit down with you and have a cup of tea and get to know one another better. I cracked up when I saw that you had posted my "camping" set up! LOL Thanks for including me in your... people I would like to meet.. wonderful series!