Saturday, July 11, 2009

Vacations and Such

Lake Michigan is my most favorite "Great Lake." I could just sit on the shore and enjoy the changing water and sky everyday! It is so open and awe inspiring when I look over where the water meets the sky. You can see changes in the weather from a long distance. These pictures are from our recent vacation to Indiana Dune State Park. What was really neat is being able to see Chicago on a clear day.

The kids obviously like the water too!

There were some great dunes to climb.

When we returned from vacation the boys (and dad) got to work on a tree house. It took 2 days for the three of them to finish.

The beginning...
The trap door...

The view...

See those white rectangles on the grass? That's from the walls of the treehouse lying on the ground and the result of the boys painting them white.

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ana carina said...

Ohh, it looks like great fun!