Sunday, March 15, 2009

A Great Sunday...

Spring is right around the corner! My family traveled about 50 minutes north of our city home to the country where a wonderful nature center and hiking trails exist. It was so relaxing in spite of the brown grass, leafless trees and cooler weather. It was just so nice to be out of the city. My daughter took some great pictures. Here are a couple I want to share with you!

Until then, I want to reach out to all the brides, bridesmaids, party givers, etc. and let you know that the matchbook notepads in my shop,
PipingHotPapers, would be excellent party favors. The wedding season is fast approaching and the time is now to order your favors for the upcoming parties! I can work with you to match your color scheme!

Or how about some petal boxes? A peppermint patty or up to 7-8 peanut M&M's fit very comfortably in one of these hand cut gems.

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Carol Dean said...

I just really love those petal boxes, Alice!

Everything here is greening up rapidly. We're having our first "flood irrigation" of our yard today, out here in the wonderful New Mexico country-side. If I could send some green your way, I would ;)