Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday in Michigan

This is one lovely day in Michigan -- blue skies, warm temps, green grass, and some beautiful items from Etsy peeps making gorgeous treasuries featuring one of my shops! Can't beat that after a busy weekend.

MichiganHemp is from Michigan and made a gorgeous treasury! Really!

Check out these great items - both using hemp and a camera from MichiganHemp.


Geraldine from Handamade surprised me with this colorful and fun treasury!!

You'll find some great whimsical items in Geraldine's shop! Cute, cute, cute!


LisaBurkin had a great garden party I attended back in May! It was fun!

I obviously love roses and LisaBurkin has some beauties in her shop!


I love the colors mulberrymoose used in this treasury! Wow!

All I can say for mulberrymoose's shop is FUN!!!!!


Well, missbea, you've sure outdone yourself on this treasury!!

humblebea is out of this world -- well, not really. She's from Michigan!!

Visit these wonderful shops for your gift giving needs!!


Elephunk said...

I love Michiganhemp! She made me a great pair of soulful sandals for my wedding.

EverImprovingMe said...

totally awesome!! i love michiganhemp!!

K.C. said...

You've been tagged! If you'd like to play along just go here for details: :)