Tuesday, June 16, 2009

What's for Dinner?

I don't know what's for dinner, I'm too busy drooling over the shops of these awesome treasury curators!! Xenotees has the best tees and I should know. I own about 10 of them!! THE BEST -- and thanks, Noelle, for putting me in this treasury! This made the front page!

Cool shirts, cool guy! Xenotees, you have such great taste! Does this guy belong to you?


Everything About Golf featured my cute golf pencils!! Thanks floweredsky!!

Woah, look at this cool necklace!! Super cool!! Go visit floweredsky's shop!!


Looks like another front page here!! Beautiful curation, aflutter!!

I love this simple, yet elegant necklace from aflutter's shop!


Summer Flowers by shecological sure brightened up my day!!

I own one of shecological's bags and they are the best. So comfortable and made exactly as I wanted it.


Blast of Color was curated by thebrickkiln. I think it was such a great treasury, it should have an encore!

Oh no, something else to tempt me. I just planted oregano and cilantro. These sticks would be so cool in my garden!! Karen and Cassie - stop tempting me!!

Off now to my shopping cart! :-) Not really, but it sounded like a nice way to end my blog!

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